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For decades, based on my book, Time Banishment, people have been using my simple but (r)evolutionary approach to managing time.

My Training Programs, with Webinars and both individual and group support, transform people’s businesses and lives.

I offer a lot of free tastes of my work (as short videos and an hour-long free webinar) that are fun, surprising and experiential, so that you may put into practical use elements that right away start to give you mastery with time issues.

Time Banishment produces breakthrough productivity results because of the synthesis of my very diverse skills as:

• a seasoned transformational business coach
• an award-winning producer of documentaries on miracles
• a fine art colorist with an MA in painting exhibiting widely including at the SF Museum of Modern Art
• a spiritual practice and scholar of ageless Himalayan teachings
• a trained color healing practitioner

• walking my talk of the "do-it-yourself miracles' I teach, by eliminating my cancer without chemo or radiation.

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As a business owner, artist and multi-tasking mom, Even with daily meditation, I always felt pressed with not enough hours in the day. I was so fed up with chaos that I decided I needed to control myself with time management.

After reading all the books and taking all the time management trainings that were about getting control of your time and your life or about using mechanistic habits to impose on yourself with whip-like discipline, 

I was ready to start with a blank canvas and invent something completely different that would work for ME as a creative intuitive who was also an expert at project management. 

It called for a new strategy. So, I invented a system and practice that far from using control, EVOKED a directed abandon that transformed my own chaos into the ease and beauty of my life.

Into the simplest elements of time management that DID work, I infused the non-verbal power of color, rhythm and play that I knew how to use.  I found that all my time issues disappeared and that I was far more productive in far less time!

People begged me to teach it to them.



It is subtle and complex what you can do with color, rhythm, play and the highest principles of creativity and spirituality. Like meditation and music, it affects us at our most non-verbal and wisest Self. 

Time banishment is for you whether you are a successful professional who wants to adopt a more creative intentional approach to time management, or whether you are already creative and intuitive want to be more organized and intentional. 

I use my life including my business to create a transformed world and empower others to use their gifts to do the same.

There is nothing remotely like this proven comprehensive program.

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